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September 28, 2009



I wish I were your stocking pal. She's lucky whoever she is.
I tried to finish mine too. I had problems too. But I had fun with my friends...
I guess since you blogged, I have no excuse now...


Hi Diana,

Have not been on your blog in months, must do some reading to catch up ... have no idea what type of sx you had. Hope you are feeling OK! I agree with the celebrity classes, haven't taken any since way back in Tampa with you gals years ago. I am however hosting Michelle Zindorf here in Venice next August ... only 2 spots left. I know that you & Ginni are going to her workshop in Feb. You will totally have fun for sure ; }
OK, off to catch up on your life.
Love, Dee


I LOVE that apron Di!!!


that is one cute apron. submit submit submit (achoo) submit!

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